Security Risk Management

Risk Management

We conduct in-depth security surveys and vulnerability assessments, identify liabilities and recommend measures that will ensure the security and safety of properties, human assets, assets, information and reputation.

Travel risk management vs duty of care

Within the topic of corporate travel safety there are a lot of very similar terms thrown around, Let’s quickly clear up some confusion around the terms ‘duty of care’ and ‘travel risk management’. Often the two are used interchangeably, which is incorrect.

Duty of care is a company’s moral and legal obligation to keep its employees safe. It obliges companies to take responsibility for the health, safety, and security of their employees, whether they’re in the office or away on a business trip.

On the other hand, travel risk management is the strategy that fulfills that obligation. It’s the action plan that provides the care that companies have a duty to give.

In short, the difference lies in what companies need to do in order to ensure the safety of their employees versus how they’re going to do it.

What are some safety risks to consider while traveling for work?

If your employees often travel to different parts of the world, here are some potential risks you might consider:

Political instability

Political instability can affect travel plans and put travelers in jeopardy. 2019 saw mass protests taking place in countries ranging from France and Spain in Europe, to Hong Kong and India in Asia; from Chile, Colombia and Bolivia in Latin America to Lebanon, Iran and Iraq in the Middle East.

Business travel to and within areas that are politically unstable needs careful planning, based on up-to-date advice and information. Take a look at the UK government website, which publishes travel advice for all countries—there’s sections on safety and security, as well as the terrorism threat level. It’s a good resource for pre-work trip research for employers and employees alike.

Sanitation and health

65% of senior executive travellers reported they had experienced medical concerns abroad. While you often can’t predict health issues, you can plan how to manage them in advance.There are a number of health-related considerations to be aware of while traveling, including:

  • The availability of healthcare—make sure your travelers know where they can get medical support *before* they need it.
  • Food and water safety—whilst working abroad is a great way to gain new experiences and perhaps taste new food and drink, it’s worth remembering that some parts of the world might not have the same hygiene standards as at home. Traveler’s can reduce their risk of stomach upsets by sticking to safe eating and drinking habits. Although tempting, travelers should steer clear of street food. Similarly, opt for bottled water instead of tap water.
  • Health threats and diseases—traveler’s will need to complete any necessary vaccination courses for the country prior to traveling.

Fortunately, not all duty of care concerns involves life or death circumstances. Employers may also want to consider their travelers´ overall health and wellness. Frequent flying may seem glamorous, but sometimes the cost to mental and physical wellbeing can be too much. To mitigate this, a company’s duty-of-care obligations should incorporate wellbeing practices—for example, looking for hotels that offer fitness or healthy menus.

Accommodation security

After a long day of traveling, you may feel tired and dirty, so the first thing on your mind is likely to be freshening up or getting some sleep at your hotel. However, this is not the time to let your guard down.

Hotels can be hotspots for thieves. To ensure your safety wherever you’re staying, whether it’s a hotel or an AirBnb, you need to be prepared. Here are a few key safety tips:

  • Research where you are staying—know what the security measures are, such as whether the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. Use Google Street View to survey the surrounding area.
  • Do not book a room on the ground floor—these rooms are more susceptible to break-ins.
  • When you’re out and about, place the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door. This way, it looks like you’re still in the room. By doing this, you’re decreasing the likelihood of an opportunistic theft.
  • Know your emergency exit plan—this might be one of the most important tips. As soon as you arrive at your room, spend a few minutes getting to grips with the emergency exit map and determine where they are located.

Third-party contractors

A company’s duty-of-care obligations should not only cover its employees. It also extends to third-party contractors and other people the organization has responsibilities toward. In addition, a third-party contractor can pose new risk elements, will they expose traveling staff to security risks?

Either only using trusted parties from an approved list or thorough audits of third parties, especially overseas, is recommended.

Female traveler safety

While safety is paramount for anyone on the road, female business travelers are more likely to face risks than their male counterparts. According to a 2018 report released by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and AIG, 83% of women have had concerns about their safety while on a business trip in the previous year.

In spite of this, only 18% of travel policies specifically address female safety. It can be a delicate issue for businesses, but in order to properly uphold their duty of care requirements, they need to ensure that their female employees are alert to the unique challenges they may encounter whilst traveling for work.

Security Driver

Security Drivers

Our security drivers are trained in surveillance detection techniques and can recognize potential threats before they manifest into dangerous situations. The role of the security driver is to ensure our clients get from one location to another in a safe and timely manner. Depending on the country and its laws, our agents can provide armed services.

Our Security Drivers are fully trained chauffeurs, and you can be sure of arriving at your destination feeling relaxed, without suffering the anxiety and ill effects that can sometimes be caused by untrained or unskilled drivers. All our drivers are either ex-military or Police Traffic Officers who have all been trained to the highest of standards, including evasive driving and defensive driving techniques.

All of our drivers also have years of experience working with VIP and Corporate clients and every driver holds a full SIA Licence, DBS, First Aid Qualification and Private Hire Licence. You can also be confident in the knowledge your chauffeur is an expert in his/her field and has been trained to react to the ever-changing road conditions in all weather situations.

The Security Driver / Chauffeurs we employ have been working with us for a number of years and have been thoroughly tested on their driving skills to ensure your safety and security. Premier League Security are proud to own their own fleet of luxury executive vehicles that can be hired with a driver by our clients, including our flagship vehicle which is a new Range Rover Vogue Black Edition. We look forward to fulfilling your every transport requirement soon.

Security drivers form a vital part of our Close Protection teams. Our drivers are in high-demand due to their driving skills, qualifications and experience which is the highest attainable in the industry.

Our security drivers are available worldwide to transport you safely to your destination. The transport team will have the local knowledge and language skills to transport you quickly and efficiently.

VIP-Transfers pleasurably welcomes you and your friends, family members or relatives in Switzerland – the real dreamland for travel lovers from the whole world, through the wide options of the provided private services.

Hereby, we are glad to announce and introduce you the list of private services supplied by VIP-Transfers:

1. Private airport transfers and vice versa: this service includes several benefits starting from accepting last minute bookings, meet and greet service at the arrival hall of the airports by our knowledgeable drivers with nameplate assigned by the leading passenger’s name. Or private transfers from the city center to the airports, all with the most luxurious vehicles.

2. City Tour and Excursions: this is another type of deluxe services from VIP-Transfers which presents the hidden gems of Switzerland. It starts from your accommodation accompanied by driver-guide to your chosen destination among the variety of well-designed private trips that you have the opportunity to choose between. It lasts for several hours while allowing you to enjoy two cities or more, mountain experience, boat trips and much more. Overall, it will end by a private return to the initial meeting point.

3. Business Transfers: Switzerland regularly hosts lots of world-known exhibitions, events, official meetings, conferences and more, for which VIP-Transfers announce its accurate on time business transfers. Book a business cars transfer in Switzerland with one of the numerous types of luxurious vehicles.

5. Point-to-Point Transfers: this is a door to door transfers in Switzerland, it starts wherever you arrive in Switzerland to the exact place that you would like to be dropped in, all on private, comfort and relax bases. Simply, provide us with the pickup / drop off addresses as well as the time, and the rest will be managed by us.

Residence Security Services

Residential Security Services

SecTech are one of the leading security companies in the UK. We offer bespoke private security services for a wide range of clients. We use modern security technology and have a team of highly skilled residential security officers.

Residential security teams can help protect you against numerous threats that you may not have even considered to be a risk. Some examples of this can include:

  • Residential vandalism
  • Theft
  • Aggravated burglary
  • Kidnapping
  • Door to door scams

Many of our clients have multiple properties and homes around the world. It can be difficult to ensure that they are sufficiently secure and maintained if you are not regularly visiting the location. Our trained team here at Sec Tech UK are able to monitor the properties when the owner is absent. We can help with overseeing contractors, observe daily activities as well as signing staff in and out of the property so it remains secure at all times. We can also maintain vehicle logs, accident books and incident logs. Our skilled team carry out routine counter surveillance to ensure that we are always one step ahead of any potential threats to both the property and its occupants. We offer this type of service to a variety of properties including homes, hotels and offices.

We provide residence security services tailored to your specific requirements. Services we offer include patrols around your property, access control during construction, and static residence security guards during the night and/or day. We can also provide a dedicated residential security team (RSO) who are trained to monitor detection systems, manage access control, deter intrusion, and respond to emergencies.

Security Team

We ensure that when our client returns to their home, the property is always in its regular condition and that everything has been maintained properly. We use close protection operatives and residential security officers, more commonly known as bodyguards, to provide residential security. This means that when the client is staying the property, they can carry out personal protection duties alongside the general residential security. We would also provide more members of the security team and expand their roles when the principle client is in residence at that location.

We can truly tailor a security plan and service from our residential security team that is suited to your home, locality and personal lifestyle. Our professional team are always discreet, unobtrusive and will never obstruct your daily life and routines.

Our experienced team can provide a gap analysis of existing residential security systems and relay techniques with a comprehensive guide on how to improve upon this. A security officer will address any issues or areas of weakness including sub-par alarm systems or existing security services. In addition to this, our services include initial risk assessments, guarding, monitoring, cleaning, maintenance and preparation for your return home.

Our residential security team can also be used as an element of protection and deterrents for your neighbourhood. For example you may have elderly relatives that live in a remote location or simply not in your local area. By implementing our services in the area, you can be reassured that there is a security service in place. You can also arrange for daily or weekly visits to offer reassurance and company to the relative that there is help available if they need it. Residential security can also be implemented in areas in a similar fashion to neighbourhood watch schemes. The presence of our teams can help deter any fraudsters or criminals in the area. For example if there is an area highly populated with elderly people, it may be more likely to be targeted by door to door scams trying to con them out of their savings and preying on their vulnerability. We can put a stop to this risk, monitoring who is visiting your relatives and vetting any salespeople regularly in the area.


Keyholding Сompany Gstaad Saanen

If you need to secure your premises to minimise the risks of a security breach, you’ll benefit from security keyholding services. Keyholding involves a specialist security professional holding an extra pair of keys to your premises, ultimately making them responsible for responding to any security issues.

They’ll monitor your premises and attend to any problems that could occur at the property — at any time — such as an intruder or false alarm. They will also provide locking and unlocking services to ensure your building is prepared at the beginning and end of the day.

It may be tempting to simply hand a key to a trusted employee. However, professional security key holding services offer greater benefits and added security. Here’s what they are.

  • It’s safer
  • There’s no confusion
  • Reduce additional security responsibilities
  • 24/7 service
  • Keyholders know proper security procedures
  • Keyholders have technical knowledge
  • Keyholders are professional

It’s safer

You might be tempted to have a staff member take over the premises’ keyholding responsibilities. But what happens when there’s a genuine alarm and they’re expected to act? A security professional will know what to do and can be forced to take action to protect themselves and your business. This isn’t a burden you should put on your staff.

There’s no confusion

A security professional taking on your security keyholding services will know what to do at all times. This is exactly what they’re trained to do. The knowledge and experience they have mean they can provide the most effective response possible — regardless of the circumstances. Doing this in-house is a risk as you may not have the same knowledge and experience. Plus, if you have multiple keyholders, there’s a chance they may not communicate and put your premises at further risk.

Reduce additional security responsibilities

Business owners or office staff are usually the main keyholders. However, receiving a phone call in the middle of the night that informs the owner of an alarm being set off, only for them to determine it was a false alarm, is frustrating. If a staff member has to deal with this, it can disrupt their sleep, impacting their productivity the following day.

Not only that but visiting a premises in the middle of the night without the proper skills and training is also dangerous, especially if it turns out an intruder is present. Through investing in a professional keyholder service, an experienced security guard will visit the premises instead and check over the property. If an intruder is found on the property, they will deal with this appropriately.

24/7 service

Handing a key to an employee doesn’t guarantee that a person will be available at all times to check on the business. However, a professional keyholding service will always be available, no matter the day or time. This availability means professional security personnel will be on hand whenever there’s an issue at the property. It’s a guaranteed response. Just think how much more efficient this is than relying on an employee who may not always make it on time.

Keyholders know proper security procedures

When an alarm is triggered and a keyholder enters the property from a professional service, the person attending the incident will have the necessary skills and training to handle the issue appropriately. If it was a false alarm, they’d check over the property, secure it and leave. However, if an intruder is present or criminal damage has been made to the property, they will take necessary action,  including calling the appropriate emergency services, if required. Whatever the procedure is, they’ll know how to handle the situation accordingly. This is where their experience is beneficial, as the security keyholding professional will have witnessed every scenario possible.

Keyholders have technical knowledge

More often than not, false alarms occur. This may happen because of a technical problem in the alarm system. Professional keyholders usually have the technical expertise to fix this issue, enabling them to reset the alarm system if needed. Whether it’s to resolve a technical issue, respond to false alarms or de-escalate a problem, a keyholding service can offer this protection.

Keyholders are professional and thorough

Unlike leaving a key with one of the business’ employees, a keyholder’s responsibility is to hold your keys and keep them safe. If you were to choose an employee to hold the spare key, there’s no guarantee the keys would be safe from theft or loss.

When an alarm is triggered, a keyholder will ensure no stone is left unturned in securing the property, as they are trained to do so. An employee won’t have the years of experience and training behind them, which is why it’s better to invest in a professional keyholding service. Using the right keyholding service ensures you have someone who will ensure your site is as safe and secure as possible. They’ll thoroughly examine your premises, especially any areas that might be considered security flaws, giving you a chance to fix them.

Without a robust security system in place, your site is vulnerable to theft, burglary and vandalism. To learn how to assess your site for any vulnerabilities, take a look at our latest site security guide below.

Key Holding

During your absence, we can be the point of contact for people and companies having to access your property. We will keep your keys and any access and alarm codes in a secure safe in our office in Gstaad, which is protected by CCTV and an alarm system. Upon your instructions, we will open your property for maintenance companies, housekeepers, etc. We can even fill your fridge for you before your arrival. Do you require an agent to be present at your property while work is carried out? One hour per month is included in the monthly keyholding fee; subsequent hours will be charged.

Female Close Protection

More than just a female bodyguard! Our close protection agents do more than just accompany and protect the client. They blend into the client’s environment effortlessly, thereby remaining discreet and keeping a low profile. Our global network of vetted partners must comply with our high standards wherever clients require our support. In addition, we also provide logistics, and medical support.

We provide skiing close protection agents for VIPs and high-net worth individuals and their families, who come on vacation to Switzerland & France’s fabulous ski resorts. Our male and female skiing bodyguards are very familiar with all major resorts, and are experienced skiers.

The personal protection of high profile individuals is often stereotypically associated as being a job only suited to men. However, a number of women are now asserting themselves and proving their worth in this male dominated sector.‍

Most clients have a desire to blend into the environment unnoticed, they want protection that doesn’t attract attention and having a female dressed like ‘the girl next door’ can add to that niche.

While most female close protection operatives have a credible background in the military or the police, they are also far removed from the Lara Croft type image. Physically robust, mild mannered and conservatively dressed, the female bodyguard possess many qualities their male counterparts lack.

When protecting a family, the female bodyguard is often the preferred choice for taking care of the children. The non-intimidating nature means that children tend to naturally connect and bond more warmly to females than they would to men. On the daily school run a female bodyguard can easily masquerade as the nanny or a family friend without attracting a second glance.

A female bodyguard can also accompany her principle on a business trip in the guise of the PA.

When assigned to protecting another female, the female bodyguard can constantly remain close to her principle and be more considerate in some personal situations where a male bodyguard cannot. A female principle may feel more comfortable being accompanied by a female bodyguard on a shopping trip. Moreover, the safety of the principle can be further extended when she visits the bathroom.

Some cultural variations stipulate that females do not openly interact with males. A Middle Eastern client may therefore choose to engage a female bodyguard to escort his wife and daughters.

In some sensitive situations such as family disputes or a divorce case where the former partner may be violent or abusive or is demanding custody of the children, the presence of a male bodyguard may be viewed as being openly provocative. However, a female bodyguard can operate discreetly in a subtle guise that doesn’t antagonise the other party.

In another scenario, it may be argued that females are more naturally gifted at dealing with conflict situations. A female is more likely to maintain a cool head and quickly diffuse a potential conflict before it escalates in a manner that is calm, diplomatic and non-intimidating.

Female bodyguards are becoming increasingly popular. They are inconspicuous, diplomatic and are more suited to certain situations than their male colleagues. Regardless of gender a diligent bodyguard should have effective organisational skills, a sound understanding of etiquette and be a competent decision maker. In an industry that is almost exclusively dominated by men, the female bodyguard possesses these vital skills and is certainly no less capable. She plays an essential role and her value should never be underestimated.

Event Security

Event security

Our event security services ensures the safety of all guests, the protection of assets, property and your reputation. This service includes first aid, fire safety. We work with your event or party planner to ensure a smooth running of your event and the security of your guests.

Leading the way in event security

The Chivalry Group has extensive experience in delivering event security guard services and prides itself on being one of the leading event security companies in the industry.

We have the ability to develop and deliver bespoke security solutions for any type of event, having successfully done so for small private events and major events. Of course, event security is about more than the hire of a security guard for an event. It requires a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property, and the venue. We bring a personal and comprehensive approach to handling all the necessary details to first meet and then exceed our client’s expectations.

A customised approach to event security

We provide every client with customised high visibility or discreet approach to their event. Every event has special and unique requirements like site security, mobile patrols, static guards, crowd control, health and safety etc. We understand that when you hire security for an event you need the best total package and this is what we provide.

Every organisation wants their guests and attendees to be safe at the event, but they also need to be comfortable sending them in the first place. The Chivalry Group provides the total event package with risk mitigation and security protocols that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Event security services include:

Event risk assessment#

Event security plannin

Event safety management

Event workforce management

Police liaison

Event supplier contacts

Media Liaison

Specialist advice such as barricade management

VIP arrival and departure protocols

Government liaison

Event security that suits you

Our security team will be involved in operational planning and liaison with local contacts and resources, adapting protocols to the attendee’s needs, fitting within their cultural expectations and leading the crisis management planning and execution when required. It’s all about delivering a professional security service and ensuring your event is managed in a secure and successful manner while not intruding on the goals and ambitions of the event itself.

Hire security for your event

When it comes to event security. Whether you are looking for security guards for a specific event, or you need security consultancy relating to a high-profile event, our experienced team will work with you to ensure your event minimises any security threats.

Who we work with

We have provided event security services all across the globe including events like financial meetings and diplomatic and corporate gatherings and would be more than happy to meet you and discuss your event security needs and requirements.

Trusted by our clients

In our line of work, trust is everything. When it comes to event security, we have a strong track record of delivering positive outcomes for all our clients at events big and small around the world.

We have worked in a number of environments in countries around the world, providing event security for a wide range of events – to smaller, high profile gatherings. Trust is built through our ability and expertise, to understand the individual needs of our clients and the operating environment and to ensure the highest level of security.

Business Travel Security Management

Travel Security

Our comprehensive travel security services create a secure environment for you, your business activities and your employees when on the move worldwide. We focus on security and safety as well as on efficiency and comfort for our clients. We recommend an advance reconnaissance ahead of the client’s journey in order to gather and analyse important security and safety information, covering areas such as personal safety, potential risks, airport and location survey, communication, emergency situations management, cultural and political information, etc. If required, we organise and coordinate in-country security teams.

Travel Logistics

With numerous years of experience in working with an international, sophisticated clientele, we have the connections and knowledge of assisting you with travel logistics, such as property rental, hotel and restaurant booking, private yachting, private aviation, vehicle rental, sports activity coordination, etc. Our travel logistics coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day management of the client’s activities while travelling; focusing on the comfort of the client and his entourage.

As multinationals further their reach and small companies become increasingly global, more and more employees are needing to travel for business. Wherever staff may be heading, there is now more pressure on employers to ensure they have analyzed potential dangers and risks prior to business trips.

if your employees travel for business of any kind, it’s up to you to ensure their safety as far as possible and communicate to them what to do in the event of an emergency.

This is why it’s vital for your company to plan and prepare adequately for corporate travel safety, and communicate this effectively to your employees.

A company’s legal and moral responsibility to take care of their employees when they travel on behalf of their company is known as its ‘duty of care’. Any corporate entity is required to demonstrate that it has adequately fulfilled its duty of care should any incident occur, from the headline-grabbing crises to more common minor accidents and injuries.

A trip that is as smooth and pain-free as possible means a more productive one. This equals a happier employee. Not only can this help with staff retention, but more importantly, it lessens the possibility of legal implications further down the line.

Corporate travel safety, and duty of care policies specifically, are areas that all travel managers, admins, or HR teams should be familiar with. For professionals in these areas looking to improve employee care and take the initiative, a rethink or creation of a duty of care policy would be a great starting point.

In fact, it has never been easier to get services and advice in this area, as most good corporate travel companies now include duty of care services as part of their solution.

Travel risk assessment

When planning any business travel you should perform a travel risk assessment to ensure you are aware of any specific threats travellers may encounter during their trip. Start off by doing this for your biggest travel markets.

By nature, travel risks are constantly changing. In any one country, they vary by the time of year, the current political climate, and more.

This means that it’s important to carry out some extra research every time you send your employees on a business trip, to make sure you haven’t missed any risks that weren’t there the last time you checked. Read our article on how to conduct a travel security risk assessment for more info.

Employee itinerary tracking

Technology has been a massive force of change within the business travel industry, with one recent development being travel itinerary tracking. It can be a challenge to identify where travelers are at any given time.

If an incident takes place, not knowing exactly where your people are can lead to increased risk, stress, and work. That’s where GPS tracking comes in.

Employee training

Once you’ve assessed all the risks, it’s time to pass some of that knowledge on to your employees. While you cannot foresee incidents and accidents, you can train your staff to spot what is and isn’t an unacceptable risk to take while on a business trip.

Discuss all the major risks and common threats that you or your staff members may encounter. Training should focus primarily on prevention as it’s often easier to avoid a dangerous situation than resolve it. However, educating yourself and others on how to respond will also engender competency.

Remember, in the moment there’s often not enough time to think, so make sure your travelers really take on board your advice—even if it’s something as simple as looking out for pickpockets.

Receiving the right education and training can save the life of a traveler in a critical situation. Travelers can easily get in trouble because they’re not familiar with the culture, rules, or laws of the country they’re visiting. Make sure you give them a crash course on these risks and they’ll have a better chance at avoiding them.

Corpororate travel safety is not just a process of avoiding legal action against an employer after a mishap on a work trip, it’s about making those expensive flights and hotels as effective as possible by ensuring staff are operating at their peak and focusing on the job at hand.

Bodyguard Security

Close Protection

More than just a bodyguard! Our close protection agents do more than just accompany and protect the client. They blend into the client’s environment effortlessly, thereby remaining discreet and keeping a low profile. Our global network of vetted partners must comply with our high standards wherever clients require our support. In addition, we also provide logistics, and medical support.

We provide skiing close protection agents for VIPs and high-net worth individuals and their families, who come on vacation to Switzerland & France’s fabulous ski resorts. Our male and female skiing bodyguards are very familiar with all major resorts, and are experienced skiers.

Personal safety is fundamental for a happy life and profitable work.

When your safety is threatened, professional protective services will protect you and your loved ones against harm.

We provide professional bespoke bodyguard services to private, corporate and government clients on a global scale.

We enable safe and unburdened living by protection against all risk and harm.

Perfection in protection

Personal protection asks for highly skilled and dedicated specialists as it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Our bodyguard services division is the core of Acies International.

Our bodyguards have served in specialised military and police units and have years of experience with protecting people around the world in often challenging circumstances.

We strive for absolute perfection and quality when it comes to the protection of our clients.

We have protected royal families, politicians, diplomats, expats, children, celebrities and corporate leaders

Being very capable of shielding you from any attack and evacuating you to a safe place, his main focus is the prevention of attack and the minimalisation of risk.

A professional bodyguard is not waiting for anything to happen but proactively creates a secure environment around his client.

Personal protection, or close protection, is a complete system of planning, observation, and adaptation to the situation and the implementation of protocols and protective measures.

A team of bodyguards will go through great lengths to keep you safe. They will create a safe environment around you and all you want to protect.

Our bodyguard services

For hundreds of exclusive clients, our bodyguard services really made the difference between living and working in safety and being unable to reach goals and having to live in fear.

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, diplomats and NGOs
  • Celebrities
  • VVIP and (U)HNWI
  • Multinationals
  • Businessmen
  • Expats working in high risk areas

We successfully provided personal protection services on five continents to our clients, their families and children.