Bodyguard Security

Close Protection

More than just a bodyguard! Our close protection agents do more than just accompany and protect the client. They blend into the client’s environment effortlessly, thereby remaining discreet and keeping a low profile. Our global network of vetted partners must comply with our high standards wherever clients require our support. In addition, we also provide logistics, and medical support.

We provide skiing close protection agents for VIPs and high-net worth individuals and their families, who come on vacation to Switzerland & France’s fabulous ski resorts. Our male and female skiing bodyguards are very familiar with all major resorts, and are experienced skiers.

Personal safety is fundamental for a happy life and profitable work.

When your safety is threatened, professional protective services will protect you and your loved ones against harm.

We provide professional bespoke bodyguard services to private, corporate and government clients on a global scale.

We enable safe and unburdened living by protection against all risk and harm.

Perfection in protection

Personal protection asks for highly skilled and dedicated specialists as it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Our bodyguard services division is the core of Acies International.

Our bodyguards have served in specialised military and police units and have years of experience with protecting people around the world in often challenging circumstances.

We strive for absolute perfection and quality when it comes to the protection of our clients.

Bodyguard Security

We have protected royal families, politicians, diplomats, expats, children, celebrities and corporate leaders

Being very capable of shielding you from any attack and evacuating you to a safe place, his main focus is the prevention of attack and the minimalisation of risk.

A professional bodyguard is not waiting for anything to happen but proactively creates a secure environment around his client.

Personal protection, or close protection, is a complete system of planning, observation, and adaptation to the situation and the implementation of protocols and protective measures.

A team of bodyguards will go through great lengths to keep you safe. They will create a safe environment around you and all you want to protect.

Our bodyguard services

For hundreds of exclusive clients, our bodyguard services really made the difference between living and working in safety and being unable to reach goals and having to live in fear.

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, diplomats and NGOs
  • Celebrities
  • VVIP and (U)HNWI
  • Multinationals
  • Businessmen
  • Expats working in high risk areas

We successfully provided personal protection services on five continents to our clients, their families and children.

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