We work with you to make your life safer.

Corporate Security Solutions

Working with you to make your organization safe.

We conduct in-depth security surveys and vulnerability assessments, identify liabilities and recommend measures that will ensure the security and safety of properties, human assets, assets, information and reputation.

Risk Management

Our comprehensive travel security services create a secure environment for you, your business activities and your employees when on the move worldwide. We focus on security and safety as well as on efficiency and comfort for our clients. We recommend an advance reconnaissance ahead of the client’s journey in order to gather and analyse important security and safety information, covering areas such as personal safety, potential risks, airport and location survey, communication, emergency situations management, cultural and political information, etc. If required, we organise and coordinate in-country security teams

Travel security for a changing world.

Travel Logistics

With numerous years of experience in working with an international, sophisticated clientele, we have the connections and knowledge of assisting you with travel logistics, such as property rental, hotel and restaurant booking, private yachting, private aviation, vehicle rental, sports activity coordination, etc. Our travel logistics coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day management of the client’s activities while travelling; focusing on the comfort of the client and his entourage.


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