Female Close Protection

More than just a female bodyguard! Our close protection agents do more than just accompany and protect the client. They blend into the client’s environment effortlessly, thereby remaining discreet and keeping a low profile. Our global network of vetted partners must comply with our high standards wherever clients require our support. In addition, we also provide logistics, and medical support.

We provide skiing close protection agents for VIPs and high-net worth individuals and their families, who come on vacation to Switzerland & France’s fabulous ski resorts. Our male and female skiing bodyguards are very familiar with all major resorts, and are experienced skiers.

The personal protection of high profile individuals is often stereotypically associated as being a job only suited to men. However, a number of women are now asserting themselves and proving their worth in this male dominated sector.‍

Most clients have a desire to blend into the environment unnoticed, they want protection that doesn’t attract attention and having a female dressed like ‘the girl next door’ can add to that niche.

Female Close Protection

While most female close protection operatives have a credible background in the military or the police, they are also far removed from the Lara Croft type image. Physically robust, mild mannered and conservatively dressed, the female bodyguard possess many qualities their male counterparts lack.

When protecting a family, the female bodyguard is often the preferred choice for taking care of the children. The non-intimidating nature means that children tend to naturally connect and bond more warmly to females than they would to men. On the daily school run a female bodyguard can easily masquerade as the nanny or a family friend without attracting a second glance.

A female bodyguard can also accompany her principle on a business trip in the guise of the PA.

When assigned to protecting another female, the female bodyguard can constantly remain close to her principle and be more considerate in some personal situations where a male bodyguard cannot. A female principle may feel more comfortable being accompanied by a female bodyguard on a shopping trip. Moreover, the safety of the principle can be further extended when she visits the bathroom.

Some cultural variations stipulate that females do not openly interact with males. A Middle Eastern client may therefore choose to engage a female bodyguard to escort his wife and daughters.

In some sensitive situations such as family disputes or a divorce case where the former partner may be violent or abusive or is demanding custody of the children, the presence of a male bodyguard may be viewed as being openly provocative. However, a female bodyguard can operate discreetly in a subtle guise that doesn’t antagonise the other party.

In another scenario, it may be argued that females are more naturally gifted at dealing with conflict situations. A female is more likely to maintain a cool head and quickly diffuse a potential conflict before it escalates in a manner that is calm, diplomatic and non-intimidating.

Female bodyguards are becoming increasingly popular. They are inconspicuous, diplomatic and are more suited to certain situations than their male colleagues. Regardless of gender a diligent bodyguard should have effective organisational skills, a sound understanding of etiquette and be a competent decision maker. In an industry that is almost exclusively dominated by men, the female bodyguard possesses these vital skills and is certainly no less capable. She plays an essential role and her value should never be underestimated.