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How do children protect themselves?

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I Am My Bodyguard an interactive, interesting and fun Life Skills course designed specifically for young children to protect themselves against sexually motivated crime. Excel Security Solutions AG offers this workshop in partnership with Innocence in Danger, an international non-profit organization fighting against all forms of sexual abuse of children. Appropriate age groups: 6 to 10 years old 10 to 14 years old

It was a really, really great experience, all of the participants spoke very positively about it afterwards. We all had the feeling that we learned a lot; especially the kids […].CJ, female participant + mother of participating kids, Innocence in Danger

I Am My Bodyguard

An experiential workshop, providing training in personal safety and awareness. Essential Life Skills for women of all ages to empower mental and physical skills for effective self-defence. Who should attend? All women and teenage girls from the age of 16 years

“Thanks again for your self-defense course! It was amazing and very interesting! Travelled to Lisbon right after the course and was feeling in a “know what to do” position!. “Marion Garin, Administration, John F. Kennedy International School, Switzerland

“Course was excellent. I wish every woman from 14+ had the opportunity to attend this course before any attack.”Dr. P. Fraser, Health First Switzerland, Geneva

“Instructor’s attitude: Motivating, good sense of humor, empowering – yet gentle! Enjoyed it, learnt a lot and had a great day! Thank you!”Participant in Women’s Self-Defence workshop, Switzerland

Life skills

Conflict Management

A conflict management / self defence programme for teenagers from the age of 16 year and young adults to learn and experience how to mitigate conflicts and how to realistically protect oneself in the event of an unfavourable situation. Who should attend this course? This course has been developed for adults. Attendants will learn how to how to explore unfamiliar environments safely and how to protect themselves. Appropriate age group: youths 16+ and young adults Testimonials:

“It was absolutely amazing. I really liked the fact we got to have fun and still learning something. I am sure I am going to remember everything we learned here and … well I hope don’t have to use it but ok Thank you guys so much!”Conflict Management II attendee: L. de Sadeleer, Senior student at Le Rosey, Switzerland

“On behalf of the Rosey staff and students involved […], I am writing to express my gratitude for your organization of an excellent experience for us. The support and guidance given to our pupils, the varied content of the programme and the professionalism shown by your team were outstanding.”J.-C. Pesse, Director of Non-Academic Studies and Boarding House Director, Le Rosey, Switzerland

“Thanks again for what was an excellent, structured, useful and enjoyable weekend. I thought it was an excellent programme which was carried out in a very professional way which taught our students some extremely important lessons.”Duncan Robinson, Head of Extra-Curricular Activities, Le Rosey, Switzerland

Life skills

First Aid & AED Training

Can your childminder, your driver or another member of your staff administer proper First Aid / Basic Life Support in the event of a medical emergency and until the emergency services arrive? In certain medical emergency situations, every minute of delay reduces chances of survival by 10%. We analyse your individual security and safety training needs and add specific requirements into the standard courses; which we then run with our partners. We can organise training courses for your family and your employees at your residence, your business location or in facilities nearby. Our certified trainers are qualified medical emergency professionals, who have worked in this sector for numerous years and have therefore vast first-hand experiences. The course comprises First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) application. Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive the Swiss First Aid Certificate valid for two years. We are licensed resellers of Automated External Defibrillators

Life skills


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