Residence Security Services

Residential Security Services

SecTech are one of the leading security companies in the UK. We offer bespoke private security services for a wide range of clients. We use modern security technology and have a team of highly skilled residential security officers.

Residential security teams can help protect you against numerous threats that you may not have even considered to be a risk. Some examples of this can include:

  • Residential vandalism
  • Theft
  • Aggravated burglary
  • Kidnapping
  • Door to door scams

Many of our clients have multiple properties and homes around the world. It can be difficult to ensure that they are sufficiently secure and maintained if you are not regularly visiting the location. Our trained team here at Sec Tech UK are able to monitor the properties when the owner is absent. We can help with overseeing contractors, observe daily activities as well as signing staff in and out of the property so it remains secure at all times. We can also maintain vehicle logs, accident books and incident logs. Our skilled team carry out routine counter surveillance to ensure that we are always one step ahead of any potential threats to both the property and its occupants. We offer this type of service to a variety of properties including homes, hotels and offices.

Residence Security Services

We provide residence security services tailored to your specific requirements. Services we offer include patrols around your property, access control during construction, and static residence security guards during the night and/or day. We can also provide a dedicated residential security team (RSO) who are trained to monitor detection systems, manage access control, deter intrusion, and respond to emergencies.

Security Team

We ensure that when our client returns to their home, the property is always in its regular condition and that everything has been maintained properly. We use close protection operatives and residential security officers, more commonly known as bodyguards, to provide residential security. This means that when the client is staying the property, they can carry out personal protection duties alongside the general residential security. We would also provide more members of the security team and expand their roles when the principle client is in residence at that location.

We can truly tailor a security plan and service from our residential security team that is suited to your home, locality and personal lifestyle. Our professional team are always discreet, unobtrusive and will never obstruct your daily life and routines.

Our experienced team can provide a gap analysis of existing residential security systems and relay techniques with a comprehensive guide on how to improve upon this. A security officer will address any issues or areas of weakness including sub-par alarm systems or existing security services. In addition to this, our services include initial risk assessments, guarding, monitoring, cleaning, maintenance and preparation for your return home.

Our residential security team can also be used as an element of protection and deterrents for your neighbourhood. For example you may have elderly relatives that live in a remote location or simply not in your local area. By implementing our services in the area, you can be reassured that there is a security service in place. You can also arrange for daily or weekly visits to offer reassurance and company to the relative that there is help available if they need it. Residential security can also be implemented in areas in a similar fashion to neighbourhood watch schemes. The presence of our teams can help deter any fraudsters or criminals in the area. For example if there is an area highly populated with elderly people, it may be more likely to be targeted by door to door scams trying to con them out of their savings and preying on their vulnerability. We can put a stop to this risk, monitoring who is visiting your relatives and vetting any salespeople regularly in the area.


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